computer glasses

Eye strain or blurred vision while working with a computer may be a sign that your eyes need protection. Spending long hours in front of a mobile device may lead to inability to remain focused on the screen or finding it hard to change focus from the keyboard to the screen.

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  • These focusing symptoms, as well as difficulties with sleep and sensitivity to light can be improved with Cypus glasses. These glasses are specially designed to protect your eyes and allow you to focus on the important things.

Why choose Cypus ?

For maximum viewing comfort, Cypus glasses include an anti-reflective coating. This coating removes the reflection of light from the front and rear surface of the glasses which helps reduce eye strain.

How do Cypus glasses work?

These glasses offer an advanced anti-blue light lenses and protect your eyes. They help achieve a balance between the convenience technology and the harm it causes. The lenses improve your efficiency while protecting your eyes.


Cypus features

  1. Stylish frame. Cypus glasses have a stylish and very comfortable frame. They are designed to fit different size of heads and are suitable for different people. They easily go with different styles so you can wear them everyday.
  2. Protect your eyes. These glasses effectively block blue light and all light that gets emitted from mobile devices and computers. The glasses block the light and protect your vision, as well as your mood and your sleeping routine.
  3. Improve focus. Blocking light and protecting your vision, the glasses allow you to easily stay focused and on track with your tasks. The glasses reduce blurry vision and help improve your productivity during the day.


I usually get really fuzzy when I look at the screen too much but with these glasses I can see a big difference. They are really comfortable and I love their design and shape.


I often spend my time reading and writing on a computer so I figured it was time to protect my eyes. My eyes feel totally fine with these glasses, even after a long day at work.

Cypus computer glasses is the right mixture of protecting your eyes and being stylish. The glasses are really light and help you protect your eyes.